Finishing Operator

Finishing Operator
July 1, 2024
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Job Description

The Finishing Operator will be responsible for setting up, operating, monitoring, and performing minor repairs on a variety of straight line gluing equipment such as Bobst Alpina, International 6FX and others to ensure customer quality and satisfaction.

  • Set up, operate, and continuously monitor machines, including scanners and electrical glue units, using job jacket order forms or other written and oral instructions.
  • Perform routine/preventive maintenance on all equipment, except where Maintenance Department work is required.
  • Set up different carton styles including straight-line, lock-bottom, multifold, 6-corner, 4-corner, Z-fold, and double sidewall, meeting agreed upon standard set-up times and run speeds to produce high quality products.
  • Monitor the quality of folding cartons during operation and make adjustments as necessary to achieve and maintain job output and quality specifications set by the customer and the company. This includes monitoring pre-break, glue bond, and fiber tear, and utilizing glue line scanners as needed.
  • Direct feeder/packers to perform tasks as needed for the safe and efficient operation of the crew.
  • Operate and maintain schedules without supervision.
  • Troubleshoot defects by examining cartons.
  • Understand the capabilities and limitations of each machine.
  • Perform pre-make-ready activities before the current job is completed or whenever possible.
  • Obtain appropriate corrugated cases, liners, dividers, panels, labels, adhesives, and other finishing requirements.
  • Communicate effectively with co-workers, Q.C., and management.
  • Exhibit outstanding performance in judgment, productivity, quality, housekeeping, safety, and attendance.
  • Advise the supervisor when to order supplies such as corrugated boxes, glue, belts, tape, hooks, etc. as needed for the operation.
  • Recommend changes and modifications to the supervisor that may improve the unit's operation, reduce costs, and/or make the carton easier to manufacture.
  • Work as a team with other department members to meet quality standards and production schedules.
  • Comply with all departmental rules and regulations.
  • Perform other duties as required to achieve the overall goals and objectives of the section, department, and the company.
  • Must have the ability to work independently and in a team
  • Problem solve and effectively relay issues to management
  • Ability to read job orders and specifications

  • 3-5 years related machine experience in a production environment
  • Experience with setting up and operating large, sophisticated folding carton gluing equipment

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